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Global economies are fueled by the exchange of goods and services. Every country keeps a standard currency with which these goods and services are bought and sold.

A currency swap can be used for several different purposes-for tourists to convert their cash into the local economy's cash, for businesses wanting to maintain banks in foreign countries, and for speculators to trade currencies and attempt to profit from price discrepancies.

The primary mechanism to make all these activities happen is through a currency, or international, exchange.

This post will describe what a currency exchange is, services provided by an exchange, and the impact of the internet on currency exchanges. You can also buy foreign currency at

What is a currency exchange?

In other words, to exchange currency means to exchange one country's monetary legal tender for the equal amount in another country's tender.

Every nation's currency has a swap rate in relation to every other currency in the global market. This price relationship is called an "exchange rate". This particular rate is determined by supply and demand.

Presently there are three main reasons why someone would want to exchange currencies. Currency market provide essential services to three types of customers-tourists, businesses, and investors. By using the latest technologies, currency exchanges are at the forefront of online financial markets.

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