Office Swivel Chairs or the Stationary Chairs- Select the perfect chair for your office

For people who sit for long hours while at work, it becomes important that they take care of their health so that their productivity does not suffer. So what better way than select the right chair so that your back is not stressed and you maintain a correct sitting posture.


Office chairs come in various sizes and shapes. It is always better to personally check and try the chair before you make a purchase. You can broadly categorize them into two types based on their movement:

  1. Stationary Chairs: These cannot be swiveled around the work table, but can only be moved back and forth. It is best suited for the visitors in the office and for those who aren’t comfortable with the rotating chairs.
  2. Swivel Chairs: For people who have to move around their table many times, it is better to go in for a swivel or the rotating chair. They offer some additions like the adjustable level and backrest.

The main types of office chairs are the ergonomic chairs, task chairs (drafting chairs), executive chairs, saddle chairs, mesh chairs, lounge chairs, guest chairs, four-legged chairs, cantilever chairs, stacked chairs and the stool.

Many of the office chairs can be got in either the stationary or the swivel option as per your choice. So be it the executive chair or the office mesh chair; select one according to your need and see to it that you are comfortable sitting on it.

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