Smoothies: The Great Weight Loss Secret

Do you have a blender? Do you like sweet and creamy beverages? Are you trying to lose weight and get healthy? Are you sick of giving in to your sweet tooth? Then let me share with you one the great weight loss secrets; smoothies. Yup, that's right, those great sweet, creamy and fruity beverages that you see all the "cool" people paying a bundle for at the juice bars or in the mall, guess what? You can make them yourself at home, and yours will taste better, be more healthy, and finally, they will help you lose weight!

Recipes for healthy smoothies vary, but they all have a few ingredients in common which I'll list here: ice, low-fat vanilla yogurt, low-fat or skim milk, fruit, and whey powder. Many people also add things such as oatmeal, juice concentrate, and peanut butter. The truth is you can make up your own concoctions very easily, and most likely they will all taste good, as long as you stick to the 5 main ingredients listed, and then add whatever else you think will taste good in your smoothie.

For two 8 oz servings you need at least the following: 4 ice cubes (crush them in the blender), 1 cup of low-fat milk, 2 tablespoons low-fat vanilla yogurt, 2 teaspoons whey powder, and the fruit of your choice either fresh or frozen. Since most of us have ice cubes in our freezer or dispenser, and not crushed ice, I suggest adding the ice cubes first and then using the blender to crush it, (many blenders have an option for crushing ice). Once that is done you can add the other ingredients and then blend them until the mixture is thick and smooth.

You may be wondering how smoothies can help you lose weight, and there are a number of reasons. One is that thick drinks such as smoothies take up a lot of space in your stomach and keep you from feeling hungry for longer periods of time. Another is the calcium, which has been found that calcium helps the body to burn fat more efficiently and keeps it from adding extra fat on. Finally, they'll satisfy your need for sweets in a healthy way.

So, if you replace a few of your snacks with smoothies, or even the occasional meal, you will lose weight and get healthier faster!

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