How to Make Your Own Unique Smoothie

Great taste and health benefits are some of the good characteristics of smoothies. Easiness to prepare them at home is also a reason why the majority of the people are adding them to their routine life. It is very easy to add veggies to your diet with the help of good smoothie recipes. Generally, it is not possible for us to have enough veggies in our diet. In this situation, drinking smoothies is a great way to maintain the balanced diet. There are numerous ways to prepare the smoothie at home using the smoothie maker. Chocolate is the most common thing which people use in the various edible things. You can also add chocolates to the smoothie to have a great taste.

It will be great to know about this recipe when your children don’t prefer or like to drink milk. To make it more interesting, you can prepare chocolate banana smoothie to give your child all the nutrients. It is also most important to know the fact that ordinary blenders and juicer cannot prepare smoothies well. So you must prepare smoothies in a good smoothie maker to have the desired taste.


-    One banana, chopped

-    Two tablespoon cocoa powder

-    Half tablespoon ground cinnamon

-    Milk

-    Ice

Preferable method of preparing

It is better to use only fresh and pure ingredient to get all the nutrients and other benefits. You should put the banana in smoothie maker first of all and add two tablespoons of cocoa powder to it. It is better to mix everything well and then put rest of the things. Blending everything on the high speed is recommended. You can add ice to it as per your preferences.

You should serve it fresh and avoid storing it for a long period of time. In case you want to prepare for more than one person than you can increase the quantity of ingredients in the same ratio.

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