Boardshorts are the must haves in your closet this summer

Though swimwear is a category of dress that needs no perfect tailoring you should also make it very clear in mind that the fit is perfect and it stays well when you dive in. Even you shouldn’t go and grab anything that you get cheapest in your budget. You are likely to have one or two swimwear in your closet, and so it needs to be carefully chosen.

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Men's white boardshorts, wetsuits, drysuits, square-cut shorts, jammers, swim briefs and much other variety of swimsuits are available in the market as trendy picks. Here are a few careful steps to select the perfect one.

Know your needs: At the very first you have to understand the purpose and the necessity of the swimwear you are going to use it for. How actively you are going to use it should determine the quality and the material of the wear. Swimwear to put on while hitting the hotel pool would be different from that one would put on for regular swimming.

Understand the visual impression you want: Thinking about the crowd where you would be wearing the swimsuit needs to be taken into consideration as it is equally important as it is to consider the activity you participate. Your wear would be different from that of a pool party to that when you would be in the spa with colleagues or a beach party, or you want to impress someone.

Be honest about your body shape:  do not go with the trend in the market rather select one that is most suitable to your body shape. This would not only make you look good but also boost your confidence.

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