5 Tips for Removing Cat Urine Odors from Your Carpets

The smell of cat urine is one that is really strong and unpleasant. While cats are typically trained to use the litter box, accidental urination outside of the box can leave your whole home smelling gross and can make your home unappealing for guests. In order to be sure that you completely remove pet odors, you will want to consider these five tips from petnailexpert.com:

1. Remove the Urine: The first thing you will want to do is remove as much of the urine as possible. The more you soak up, the less chance of it staining the area and leaving more of a stench. Soak up the urine with an old rag that youre okay with throwing away afterwards. Or you can use paper towels, so long as they are really absorbent.

2. Use Enzymatic Cleaner: The next thing you will want to use is a cleaner that is made with enzymes. This is because enzymes eat the urine, which will help remove more of the urine that you werent able to soak up yourself. You can find enzymatic cleaners from your local hardware store.

3. Use a Wet Vac: If you are dealing with cat urine on the carpet, you will want to use a wet vac, which will help remove the urine and clean the area by spraying clean water on the area and sucking up the dirty water. Remember that a wet vac is different from a steam cleaner though. This is because a wet vac does not use steam and the steam on a steam cleaner will only allow the urine smell to soak in further.

4. Use Baking Soda: Any areas that you have treated with cleaners and a wet vac, you should consider sprinkling baking soda over. This is because baking soda works as a odor neutralizer. This is going to leave the area smelling fresh and clean. Once you have done this, be sure to vacuum it up after it has sat for an hour.

5. Use Prevention Methods: There are quite a few reasons your cat my be urinating outside of their litter box. Its important to take your cat in for a check-up with a vet who can determine what the cause may possibly be. For many cats, anxiety can trigger them to urinate outside of the litter box. In some cases, you may not be cleaning out the litter box enough for them and cats do not like urinating in dirty areas.

By considering these five tips from petnailexpert.com, you are likely going to remove the cat urine smell from your home and this will also help prevent your cat from urinating in the same place

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