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Singapore's newest condo in its western suburbs, to be launched available in early November 2010, is to be known as The Lakefront Residences.

Lakefront Condo

It's a lakefront condominium - in as much as one can get to be "lakefront" in Singapore, that is. Which means it's separated from the parks around Jurong Lake from Yuan Ching Road in addition to a plot of vacant land (which may well turn out to eventually home another high rise). In actuality, this project already blocks the lake views of the Caspian condominium, that's still being constructed to its west. By exploring online websites you can find all about what to do before buying New Launch Condo Singapore.

Perhaps that's the reason why the programmer, Keppel Land, has chose to make internal 'lakes' and water views to echo the lake district motif this project is built around, and to shape the entire development as a 'C' which should permit a reasonable number of components to still enjoy views of the lake, if another development arise next door.

Reasons to Consider Lakefront Residences

Its proximity to the lake, as well as the joys of lakeside living, isn't this lakefront condominium's only selling point. It's another plus point - particularly where pragmatic Singaporeans are concerned: the back gate of Lakefront Residences is only a couple of steps away from Lakeside MRT station.

Now that is a big plus point, particularly where potential tenants are involved. Many prospective tenants are expatriates, who balk at the expense of purchasing a car here. (One can easily set you back about USD$70,000 or more.) Moreover, many are just here for a few years or so. They travel light too - so that components at Lakefront Residences do not have an awful lot of storage space shouldn't be an issue.

The components here are fairly small. From an investor's standpoint, however, a more compact unit translates into a lower overall price. Potential tenants, who pay rent per square foot, should also benefit.

Foreigners generally can't get a mortgage from local Thai banks to fund the purchase of the Thailand property investment. The majority of the financial institutions in Thailand offer loans for property purchases to Thais and Thai Companies.

In the past few years, Bangkok Bank (Singapore) has had a loan program for foreigners with eligibility being quite much like that in the west. You complete an application, submit proof of income, tax returns, and other documentation. With this system, buyers can finance up to 70% of the cost of the house. The trouble with this app is that it hasn't been always offered, and as of this writing the program was suspended.

In some resort areas like Pattaya, local banks have started to design loan programs for foreigners who live and work in Thailand. Kasikorn Bank, by way of instance, allows foreigners who have a work permit for two or more years to receive mortgage financing for up to 50 percent of the value of the subject property. If you have any query regarding Thailand property see them all on the web.

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Developer Financing

Developer funding has become more widespread in Thailand over the last two decades. Deals which range from 2-year to 10-year funding are available to buyers of fresh Thailand homes and condos. These funding deals can be found directly from the developers. Because of this, the structure of every deal varies.