Website Designing and Development

The visual representation of a site is the duty of a web designer. Web designers decide the graphical representation of the site. Their primary job is to design an appealing website so the targeted audience becomes hooked on it and shows interest.

With sites becoming the standard for indicating a presence on the internet platform, two terms site development and website design have gained wide recognition. Although both of these terms are broadly in use, there are popular misconceptions as most frequently website development and site design are used as synonyms and largely as generic terms.

Web Design

Web designers create the whole appearance of the site, as well as the appeal quotient of the site, is set by them. Their experience ranges from color scheme to template layout to the design of the internet pages. if you are searching for top web design company in Thailand click on

A good web designer is typically proficient in graphic design, flash design in addition to animations and uses these methods to increase the attractiveness of the website. Programs like Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks are employed by web designers to achieve their ends.

Web Development 

Web development is sometimes referred to as the "backend" of this site, unlike web design that's termed "front-end" of a website. It addresses the technical aspects of websites. The performance and the logic component of the site are maintained by development teams. The elements of programming which lies behind the functioning of a website and which isn't visible on the outside sides are cared for by web developers.

Web programmers technically engineer the site right from its beginning till its end. The way the site will function, what's going to be the navigation such as, what's going to be the user's expertise concerning browsing, how long will be asked to load the page - all aspects that go behind the building of a site fall under the domain of web development. It's a high experience job and requires proficient mastery in HTML too in dynamic scripting languages such as PHP, ASP, and ASP.NET etc..