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It is essential to have a swimming cap whether you are a competitive or recreational swimmer. Although it is not necessary to wear a swim cap but it makes you comfortable in pool. They help in protecting your hair. Below are some other reasons to wear a swimming cap:


1. Chemicals in Pool water

Different chemicals are used in pools to keep the water safe and clean. Chemicals used most frequently is chlorine although it does not have any harmful effect on human body buy it can damage your hair. By wearing a swim cap you can ensure that you hair is not exposed to chlorine water.

2. Helps in Increasing Speed

Another reason you should wear a swim cap is that it helps in increasing your speed. Your hair can create drag during swimming hence reducing your speed. These caps have a round and smooth surface which helps in reducing resistance and drag. This improves your speed, this is the main reason all professional swimmers wear swim cap.

3. Dry Hair

Swim caps do not come with a guarantee that your hair remains 100% dry. But for best result it is necessary to use it properly and to have a proper sized cap. There are different types of swim caps available. If you have long hair go with a bigger sized cap. You can also avail discounts on caps by purchasing them from swimwear sale Australia.

By purchasing the right type of cap you can easily keep your hair healthy and away from chemical damage.