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Camping trips can be hectic when it comes to planning and packing. Whether it’s a weekend trip to help you relax, or one that is extended to over a week so you can escape your noisy life, you are bound to miss out on a few essentials. For this purpose, we provide a checklist of essential so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything.

  • First aid kit

Always keep a first aid kit with you, especially while camping. You never know when you might cut yourself, or get stung. This is one essential that will save your life (literally).

Courtesy-The Camping Central

  • Maps

Even though this is the era of technology, where cell phones and GPS can get you anywhere, keep some paper maps with you, along with a compass, to help you navigate, because you never know when you may be in an area without cell phone coverage.

  • Lights

This is a reinforcement of the idea that technology may give up on you when you’re in the wild. Keep an extra set of batteries, and a handy torch or lantern to help you out in the dark. For shops that offer camping gear hire Cairns is a hub where all sorts of essentials are sold.

  • Pocket knife

A pocket knife can always come in handy, particularly if it is a Swiss army knife. This tool assists you in survival, keeping multiple tools, including a knife, screwdriver, corkscrew and scissors, to make your life easier.

Make sure you pack these essentials so you can enjoy your camping trip without a worry.