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I have been married for a little over a year and I have two daughters that are 14 years and 3 months old. I am applying for a scholarship to help pay the cost of digital transcription schools. I’ve worked in the medical field for 13 years. Specifically, I have worked as a medical office supervisor in a very busy Neuroscience outpatient clinic. This includes Neurology and its several subspecialties, Neurodiagnostics, and Neurosurgery. My responsibilities were to oversee daily operations such as checking in patients, scheduling and registering patients, verifying insurance and demographics, and assigning them to the correct specialty. I was also expected to prepare the master provider schedules, prepare all the referral paperwork, handle all the last minute changes to accommodate customers, enter charges, and handle the data input so the bills would drop correctly. It also included trouble shooting any operations or billing issues that came up.


I also provided administrative support for a world renowned neurologist specializing in head trauma. Along with scheduling his calendar and keeping up with his messages I also transcribed all of his dictations. I have always been a fast typist so I always enjoyed doing them. I, of course, never told anyone as they would have laughed at me. That’s like saying you love taking tests! As I stated before I’ve recently started to increase my family size and would love to be able to stay at home with my children while also supplementing some income to help my husband support our family financially. I have just returned to work and realized that the cost of daycare is significantly higher than it was 13 years ago. After the birth of my next child there will be no sense in working as I will only be working to not even cover daycare expenses. My oldest daughter was born when I was very young and I raised her on my own.


It was very hard to spend time with her because I was either working or putting myself through school. It was very important to show her the importance of education and furthering yourself. Even though I feel guilty for the lost time, I am confident in my actions and happy to say that I graduated with my Associates degree this summer after 5 long years. I heard about Future MT from digital transcription companies that said they preferred graduates from this digital transcription program. The double guarantees were a plus as I felt assured that I would be able to obtain a career from home after completing the program. The cost of the course is very reasonable. The other programs I have researched were well over $2000 and would take almost 2 years to complete. After completing this course I would love to further my education and obtain my Bachelors degree in English. I have always been excellent with spelling, punctuation, and writing in general. I also love to type. I would like to continue my education by becoming a Certified audio transcriptionist and build a clientele with several steady contracts, preferably with private medical offices, so that I can continue to work from home.

The procedure of converting words and phrases in audio recordings into text format is termed as digital transcription. Meetings, group discussions and seminars going on in companies usually are taped on a regular basis and saved in these audio files. When the transcription procedure is finished, the data files which you get are known as transcripts.


Firms which often can not deal with their own transcription assignments might delegate this sort of work to digital transcription companies. Almost all corporations, especially the small-scale types might not possess the resources to start their own transcription section.


Outsourcing has turned out to be popular and effective so much so that even big and medium

organizations choose to outsource rather than to set aside capital to start their very own

digital transcription section.


Digital transcription is not used only in treatment centers in hospitals, clinics and law offices. It is applied in a wide range of establishments like educational facilities, colleges, finance institutions and many others.


The audio recordings for digital transcription are frequently saved in three primary audio file forms including wav, mp3 and wma. Wav is one of the earliest audio file formats that came into being. But, digital transcription providers would not usually accept audio recordings in wav file format since they are bound to be really big.


MP3 is another popular format for preserving audio recordings. MP3 is used by transcription agencies regardless of the fact that they are largely utilized for song tracks.


WMA is the smallest of the three audio file formats and consequently would not have clarity when compared with the other two types.