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Most of those going to the gym everyday are because either they want to build muscles or lose weight. These two goals can be met simultaneously with some extra determination and effort. Here are few tips for aiming for both of them together.

1. Eat enough

Although you want to lose weight, you still must eat proper meals. The goal should be burn more calories than you eat. Food intake in this case will help you build leaner muscles. However, for losing muscle you need to decide what kind of food is good for you. You must try to eat low carb diets, it will help you in losing weight as your body will start storing fat in places where it is required.

2. Follow the right order

Perhaps the reason for not being able to build muscles is that you are doing the workouts in the wrong order. Sometimes intense cardio can make you too tired for lifting weights, hence what you can do is that you start with a warmup exercise, lift weights and then do cardio.

3. Get proper sleep

In addition to a proper diet and workout plan, you also need to adjust your sleeping schedule. If you get proper sleep your body will be more able to regulate your hormone levels, and you consequently can satiate hunger more easily.

So, you can get fresh start at Fitness Holiday Bootcamp Thailand by following these important tips. Remember the key is listening to your body and then determining what is best for it.

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When it comes to losing weight, it is important to control your appetite and consume appropriate foods to aid weight loss. Here is a list of different foods that can be used as a part of a diet plan in order to lose weight:

1. Whole eggs

Eggs are known to have a high amount of protein along with a high amount of healthy fat which adds good nutritious value to the meal.

2. Green Vegetables

There are various types of green vegetables available in the market. Examples of these greens are kale and spinach. They are known to be rich in vitamins and are a good source of fiber.

3. Salmon

Consuming fish such as salmon gives the stomach a satisfying feeling of being full. Moreover, salmon is not only a protein rich food but also contains iodine which is important for the proper functioning of thyroid. If thyroid works properly, it means that metabolic rate is at an optimum level. Therefore, places like Thailand Fitness Retreat encourage consumption of fish in one’s diet.

4. Beans

Beans such as lentils or kidney beans are known to be high in fiber and facilitate weight loss.

5. Cottage Cheese

This dairy product fulfils the calcium requirements of the body without adding significant calories to the meal. As compared to other types of cheese, cottage cheese has little fats and more protein and therefore it is healthy.

To conclude, there are various types of food that can be consumed for effective weight loss.