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There are people who have lots of belongings, collections and other things they own that makes their house not enough to fit them all. Or they might need a place where they can temporarily store their items while they move into a new home. They have to do this if their new residence is not yet done being built and are living with their relatives for a while.

Business establishments sometimes need somewhere to place their inventory and sometimes their own store is insufficient for this task. That is why these kinds of people would rent a commercial storage room where they could store all their things for several months. This allows them keep the objects for a while safely.

These rooms are located in an area where several of them are available and are offered by storage companies to those needing them. They also offer security for your room by only allowing individuals who have rented a space there to enter the premises. This lessens the chance of one of them being forced open by unauthorized people.

Though the persons who rented these rooms are responsible to lock them by using their own locks and keeping the keys themselves. This means the people that owns or works at the storage companies have no way of opening them without force. Doing so prevents any inside job from being committed and protects the belongings entrusted to the company.

There are some rooms also with additional features like temperature and climate control for very sensitive items to keep them in top condition. Artworks, antiques and other old objects require this kind of feature to protect them from being damaged. That is because humidity and moisture are among the factors affecting the quality of these things and are usually the culprit for the damages they get.

A room can be rented for a specified duration which you must pay part of the amount in advance to the company as a security an assurance for them. But if you have not paid for a long time since your rental duration has been over then they have the rights to sell your stored belongings to others. This is indicated with the contract you agreed upon.

For this reason, you should be very careful with the contract and make sure you have read all the conditions included properly. This is to let you know when they could sell them or what you can do when you hit a roadblock and cannot pay them or get the items before your rental time is done. It allows you the chance to prepare for any eventuality.

But when you have failed to pay them after a few months and are unable to get your items there then they will be selling them. They do this by auctioning all the contents of that room to interested individuals by giving them a sneak peek only. These people are not allowed to inspect the things individually before the purchase.

That is why these auctions are very risky. There is a chance for interested buyers to purchase things in a lower price than their actual value. And the opposite scenario is also possible.