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There has been a lot of controversy about Canelo Alvarez’ ability and talent in the ring after winning several handpicked fights for the past 3 years. Many are in doubt that he has been winning ever since because he has been parred with weaker fighters than him and has been evading tougher fighters too. He has fought Miguel Cotto, Amir Khan, James Kirkland, Liam Smith and his recent fight is with Julio Chavez Jr., wherein he won in a unanimous decision. With the fighters mentioned, Canelo has the upper hand over these fighters and has been the upper dog as well. With his recent Chavez Jr.’s fight, many thought that he would win via KO since Canelo’s foe appeared thin and incapable of keeping up with him. It was an upset by many fans because Canelo wasn’t able to knock him out and what’s disappointing is that he has been showboating in the ring during their quick timeouts.

Should Canelo faced top fighters like Danny Jacobs, Demetrius Andre and Jermall, it will entail a different story; and if he became victor on those fights, he would have been on top of the chain. Many will be watching the Canelo vs Golovkin live fight either in Las Vegas or in HBO’s PPV. This is by far the most anticipated fight this year since Canelo Alvarez will be facing a very experienced and tough contender. Gennady Golovkin or known by many in the ring as GGG stated in several of his interviews that Canelo will experience a fight that he has long avoided. Golovkin is not just the best fighter in the middleweight division but he is one of the most exciting fighter there is to watch. An accurate puncher and a power striker wherein Canelo is in a very bad position to go up against.