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Turmeric is hands down one of the most beneficial substances known,  in terms of it’s effect on human and animal health. That said, every creature is different, and in rare cases some mild side effects have been reported in connection with the use of turmeric.  Don’t worry, none of the turmeric for dogs side effects are lethal.

 The following is a short list of some of these common and very uncommon side effects. It should also be noted that many of these side effects may be related to dosage, as some individuals give their pets much more turmeric than is recommended or necessary. Read more on turmeric dosage amount here at this blog: http://www.turmericfordogs.com

* In overly-high doses, turmeric may increase the chance of dogs developing kidney stones. This is because turmeric can influence blood oxylate levels, and oxylate combined with calcium is known to encourage the formation of kidney stones.

* Turmeric can act as a binding agent. Because of this, if your dog is receiving turmeric yet does not get enough water it can result in the development of constipation. This is easily solved by giving the dog as much water as he needs and occasionally giving him some yogurt to help out with digestion.

* Can cause upset stomach in some dogs, but this is usually dosage related. This can also be solved bymixing the turmeric thoroughly with the food before it is served to the dog.

* Dogs that are receiving turmeric should not at the same time be given aspirin, antacids, or any kind of diabetes medication.